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Pre-activity Video

A video for tutors to watch before attending the face-to-face training on Pebblepad Basics. This video shows the dashboard and menu, students will use in their use Pebblepad.

From  Liane Robinson 10 Months ago 21 views 0  

Pebblepad Dashboard & Toolbar

A short walkthrough of the main dashboard and toolbar on the homepage of Pebblepad. Tiles of most importance are mentioned and main functions within the burger menu.

From  Liane Robinson 11 Months ago 21 views 0  

How to log into Pebblepad

A short video showing where to find Pebblepad on the internet and how to log in for the first time. Plus a suggestion to add the link to the bookmarks.

From  Liane Robinson 11 Months ago 11 views 0  


Showing the buttons on the dashboard. A quick overview of what can be found there and which are the most important.

From  Liane Robinson A year ago 21 views 0